APSF 2012 Sinia

On 26 and 27 January 2012, over 20 professional body accountancy organisations from Central and South Eastern Europe came together in Sinaia, Romania, for an interactive discussion on the current and future roles and structures of professional bodies.

The roundtable, designed and chaired by ICAEW, was generously hosted by The Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania (CECCAR) and also benefited from the input of senior representatives from the World Bank, IFAC and FEE (now Accoutancy Europe). It aimed at generating discussion on the strategies which professional body accountancy organisations can pursue in order to address current and future challenges.

The key overriding question addressed by the roundtable was: ‘How can professional bodies develop strategies to ensure their continuing relevance and contribution to markets and the public interest?’

In contrast to many recent debates on changes in the profession, the roundtable placed the professional bodies themselves at the very centre of the discussion. It highlighted that proactive strategies are essential for professional bodies to overcome external challenges and retain and enhance their current roles.

The agenda can be found here. Also, the summary can be found here.