APSF 2017 Nicosia

The 2017 edition of the Accountancy Profession Strategic Forum (APSF) took place in Nicosia, co-hosted with the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus.

The meeting brought together members from the Baltics, Western Balkans & and Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, as well as observers from Lebanon, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

The APSF discussion topics revolved around PAO strategies following EU audit reform implementation, the use of technology and how PAOs can assist their members through technological change.

The APSF heard from Rea Georgiou, Cyprus Public Audit Oversight Board, and Phidias Pilides, Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in a session that explored the potential for PAOs to provide services to help their members to take on new roles in corporate governance, including audit committees. Additional speakers included John Capper from EIGAN, Gary Pflugrath on behalf of IFAC and Florian Toma representing Accountancy Europe.

The agenda can be found here.

Photographs from Nicosia 2017