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Upcoming Events

The first QAN workshop of 2020 will focus on:
  • Audit file case studies/file grading: based on expanded approach
  • Framework of Common Principles: development of drafting
  • Risk-based review methodology including presentation by SOEL
  • Final preparation for the CEAOB meeting in June 2020
  • Timetable for further QAN workshops in 2020 and beyond

12 December 2019, FIN Launch Meeting, Brussels

The first workshop of the FIN was held in Brussels on the 12 December It sought to establish a common understanding of what is good quality control and quality assurance for existing and forthcoming accountancy services schemes through an open exchange of views and best practice.

The 2020 APSF annual meeting will be held on Thursday 2 and Friday 3 April in Lisbon, co-hosted by OROC.

The Lisbon annual meeting will be extended to one and a half days. The agenda will be structured into three half-day sessions, reflecting three core pillars of the APSF:  PAO roles to support quality and regulation; talent and qualifications; and interaction with key external stakeholders in the public interest. In doing so, we trust that we  can further reflect on the main interests and concerns of PAOs as expressed during this year’s annual meeting in Malta.

The first session in the morning of Thursday 2 April will focus on key overall strategic issues for PAOs relating to their support for quality in service provision and implementation of delegated regulatory responsibilities, all framed in the context of rapid technological change and governance and funding challenges.

The second session in the afternoon of  2 April will directly address the necessary innovation required by PAOs to attract and train the next generation of professional accountants through relevant and portable qualifications. We will dedicate particular attention to how PAOs can successfully work together in their mutual interests to better meet the needs of firms and users of accountancy services.

The session in the morning of  3 April will  be externally facing and we are delighted to already confirm the participation of the PIOB, IAASB and IESBA. This will be an excellent opportunity to build on previous dialogue and to engage further with standard setters and oversight bodies, with a focus on the proactive activities that PAOs can undertake in the public interest.

4 June 2020, FIN Workshop, Vienna

The next FIN meeting will take place in Vienna in June. The meeting will build on the common understanding and best practices that were discussed during the launch meeting in Brussels in December 2019.

17 18 June 2020, QAN Workshop, Brussels

The QAN is receiving greater attention from European professional oversight bodies and we are now working collaboratively to organise a joint QAN-CEAOB (Committee of European Audit Oversight Bodies) Inspection Sub-Group meeting next summer.

Previous Events

19 20 November 2019, QAN Workshop, Vienna

The final QAN workshop of 2019, was be held in Vienna on the 19 and 20 November. It drew together existing members as well as new observers as well from Austria, Norway and Sweden. Discussion focused on issues relating to audit file grading and consistency across quality assurance reviewers.

15 16 May 2019, QAN Workshop, Amsterdam

The May 2019 QAN meeting in Amsterdam provided an opportunity to assess progress on the audit file grading project as well as to discuss future priorities of the group. The Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants (NBA) gave an overview of their quality assurance process.

11 April 2019, APSF Annual Meeting, Valletta

The seventh edition of the Accountancy Profession Strategic Forum (APSF) took place on the 11 April 2019 in historic Valletta,  co-hosted with the Malta Institute of Accountants.

The meeting drew together core members from the Baltics, Western Balkans & Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, alongside new participants. These included representatives from The Netherlands, Portugal and Spain and observers from Russia, Azerbaijan and South Africa.

Discussion topics revolved around the necessary strategic recalibration which PAOs need to undertake to serve markets and the public interest better in the 2020s. The meeting also considered how PAOs can support their members to advise businesses on access to finance.