Financial Integrity Network (FIN)

Financial Integrity Network

The Financial Integrity Network (FIN) is focused on quality control, quality assurance and monitoring procedures for accountancy services. Underpinning FIN is a concerted effort to support professional scepticism and improve the quality of accounting services.

The FIN  provides a platform for the exchange of views on strategic issues such as appropriate quality assurance structures, funding, gaining member support and effective disciplinary functions. Participation in the FIN seeks to facilitate the sharing of best practice, information and intelligence between PAOs and government agencies (e.g. in pursuance of European Directives and the Financial Action Task Force’s AML recommendations).

Scope of FIN

From the perspective of quality control, quality assurance and monitoring procedures, the following areas of professional services are under the FIN’s scope:

General accountancy services

Professional accountancy services outside of statutory audit, with emphasis on the enhancement of financial integrity – principally accounts preparation and reporting, either through public practice or within businesses.

Tax services

Emphasis is placed on the ethical conduct of professional accountants in the provision of tax services with reference to:

  • tax evasion
  • design and/or promotion of aggressive tax avoidance schemes
  • introduction of national E-Systems

Anti-Money Laundering

Emphasis is placed on both the letter and the spirit of national AML/counter-terrorist financing provisions and regulations.

The FIN was launched in December 2019 in Brussels.


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